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Nissan ARIYA: Introducing the All-Electric Crossover with Innovations

There is a new entry in the mid-size crossover SUV market, and it is by a car maker that produces some of the most dependable vehicles on the market. On top of that, the Nissan ARIYA is an all-electric model with some cool new innovations. It doesn't hurt that it has good looks and six trim options. We at Benson Nissan in Spartanburg are pleased to offer the Nissan ARIYA to our neighbors around Greer.

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Nissan ARIYA Performance

The Nissan ARIYA has two battery sizes and front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive versions. Your driving range around Simpsonville depends on the battery size and whether you choose a front-wheel or all-wheel drivetrain. With a front-wheel drive Nissan ARIYA and the largest battery, you will get a range of up to 304 miles and 238 horsepower.

With the largest battery and all-wheel drive, you will get up to 270 miles of range and 389 horsepower. A sport mode increases acceleration. Replenishing the battery from 20 percent to 80 percent takes about 40 minutes with a 130-kW fast charger.

The ARIYA crossover's innovative all-wheel drive is perfect for anyone who drives in the snow. With all-wheel drive, you get two electric motors, one powering each axle, increasing horsepower, and better acceleration. Also, the all-wheel drive monitors each wheel separately and adjusts braking and speed for better traction in challenging road conditions.

Nissan ARIYA Design/Interior

The driver instrument panel area is familiar, despite the car's electric powertrain, including physical buttons and knobs. The multimedia screen area is recessed a bit into the dashboard. It just looks right and is not intrusive to your main goal of watching the road ahead. It seems like an extension of the instrument panel, as it should. The Nissan moved the cabin forward, making it roomier with a futuristic appearance.

The Nissan ARIYA seats up to five passengers and provides space behind the rear seats for cargo. Heated seats are available for both the front and rear. A moonroof is also available.

The exterior of the ARIYA is lower and broader than the Rogue, with 19-inch wheels and a power liftgate, giving it a sporty look.

Nissan ARIYA Technology

Nissan has a ProPilot Assist 2.0 feature. It is a semi-autonomous driving system that allows hands-free driving on specific stretches of a divided highway. The recessed multimedia screen is 12.3 inches making it less of a distraction. You can say, "Hey, Nissan," to get questions answered and wirelessly sync your Apple or Android phone.

Nissan ARIYA Safety Features

When you have chosen your preferred trim level for your new Nissan ARIYA, visit us for a test drive through Shelby, NC, by visiting us at Benson Nissan. You can also reserve your new ARIYA in the configuration you want.