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If you come to us from Greenville, you will be happy to see that we carry all the most popular Nissan SUV models.  Drivers looking for an SUV with an impressive amount of cargo and passenger room, as well as a smooth and comfortable ride might find the Nissan Rogue to their liking.  Are you looking for a crossover SUV that is well-equipped at every trim level with a lot of features and provides customers with a luxurious ride?  Explore the Nissan Murano while you are the dealership.  If you need an SUV with better than average fuel economy and impressive cargo area in a small SUV package, then you might want to give the Nissan Kicks a try.  Nissan understands that there are many drivers in Shelby, NC who might need an SUV with a third-row option so it provides them with two options that might suit their needs.  The Nissan Pathfinder provides folks with a strong V6 engine and an impressive towing capacity.  Unlike many midsize third-row options, the third row on the Pathfinder is very easy to access.  The Nissan Armada is the other option for customers.  This SUV has a powerful V8 engine and will intrigue many people with its luxurious feel and drive.

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There is the chance that you might need to drive a few Nissan SUV models before you can make your decision.  Reach out to a sales consultant at Benson Nissan in Spartanburg, and start scheduling your test drives so you can find the Nissan that suits your lifestyle.

Finding the Right Nissan SUV for Your Needs at Benson Nissan

You can probably tell by driving the roads of Greer that an SUV craze has hit the area.  SUVs have become wildly popular with people because they provide a great amount of utility and capability that's hard to find in another body style.  Let's face it: it's hard not to love a vehicle that makes your day-to-day life easier.  Nissan has an impressive lineup of SUVs that are sure to impress our Simpsonville drivers and make them true believers when they get behind the wheel.  Benson Nissan, located at 1100 North Pine Street in Spartanburg, SC, has a great selection of these premium SUVs at our dealership.  Check out our new Nissan SUV inventory to see everything we currently have available... Read More...